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Read TRANSIT public deliverables, scientific papers, publications and presentations. 

Public deliverables

D1.3. SJU Final Project Report


D2.1.  ATM Role in Intermodal Transport: Opportunities for Innovative Intermodal Concepts and Passenger Information Services

D3.1. Multimodal Performance Framework

D4.1. Methodologies and Mobility Analytics Algorithms for the Analysis of the Door-to-Door Passenger Journey

D5.1. TRANSIT Modelling and Simulation Framework


D6.1. Impact Assessment of New Intermodal Concepts and Passenger Information Services: Conclusions and Recommendations


D7.3. Travel Information Management for Seamless Intermodal Transport: Lessons Learnt from the TRANSIT Project and Way Forward


Scientific papers

Burrieza, J., Jordá, R., Gregg, A., Ruiz, P., Rodríguez, R., Sala, M.J., Torres, J., García-Albertos, P., Cantú Ros, O.G., Herranz, R. (2022). A methodology for understanding passenger flows combining mobile phone records and airport surveys: Application to Madrid-Barajas Airport after the COVID-19 outbreak. Journal of Air Transport Management, Volume 100.