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The TRANSIT consortium consists of five partners who complement each other to cover the set of skills and background required to achieve the project objectives

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Nommon Solutions and Technologies

Project coordinator

Nommon is a research-intensive technology company based in Madrid, Spain, specialised in the provision of information, quantitative analysis and decision support tools for the planning and management of transport and traffic systems. To this end, expertise is drawn from disciplines such as computer science, spatial analysis, data science, complexity theory, operations research, and transport and traffic engineering. Nommon's research agenda encompasses three main threads: (i) big data processing and spatio-temporal data analysis; (ii) complex systems modelling and data-driven simulation; and (iii) information visualisation and visual analytics.

L’Ecole Nationale de l’Aviation Civile or French Civil Aviation University is a public institution under the supervision of the French Ministry of Transport. Its mission is to provide ab-initio and further training for the executives and main players of the civil aviation world and research in a variety of air transport related domains. Based in Toulouse, ENAC is one of the top universities in the world devoted to the aviation industry. ENAC participates in TRANSIT through the OPTIM Research Group, which focuses on the resolution of problems arising in the aviation world through the use of optimisation, machine learning and optimal control techniques. 

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AENA is the first airport operator company in the world by number of passengers. The company manages 46 airports and 2 heliports in Spain, 6 airports in Brazil, it has majority shareholding in the management of Luton Airport in the United Kingdom, and minority shareholding in 16 airports in Latin America (12 in Mexico, 2 Colombia and 2 Jamaica). Some numbers of the company by the end of 2018 are: 4.201,4 million € of revenue, 280 million passengers, and 8.436 employees. AENA will bring to the project its experience and knowledge in airport planning and management, in particular in accessibility and intermodality studies.

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EUROCONTROL, the European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation, is an intergovernmental organisation with 41 Member States, committed to building a Single European Sky that will deliver the ATM performance required for the 21st century. EUROCONTROL plays a number of key roles, including the Network Management role. It also supports the European Commission, EASA and National Supervisory Authorities in their regulatory activities, and is a major player in European ATM research, development and validation activities, making the largest contribution to the SESAR Joint Undertaking.

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Ecole Nationale de l'Aviation Civile (ENAC)

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ETH Zürich

As a university of science and technology, ETH Zürich is committed to the study of a diverse range of subjects, which allows knowledge to be shared and combined in original and future-oriented ways. The sixteen departments cover a broad academic spectrum, while all kinds of strategic initiatives, competence centres and networks encourage cross-disciplinary cooperation. ETH contributes to TRANSIT through the Institute of Transport Planning and Systems. It is the oldest and largest transport research institute in Switzerland, covering a variety of subjects related to transport planning, transport systems and traffic engineering.

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