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TRANSIT Intermediate Review Meeting

On June 8, 2021, the members of the TRANSIT consortium gathered together with SESAR JU representatives to celebrate the Intermediate Review Meeting and present the work done during the first half of the project in the different work packages.

ENAC presented the work done in work package two, that includes new intermodal concepts and passenger information services, as well as the proposed case studies, which consist of disruption and ticket integration putting the focus on the tactical and strategic level respectively.

Nommon presented the multimodal performance framework defined in work package three, which will be used to measure the impact of the proposed solutions on the case studies.

Nommon also presented a series of algorithms and techniques that enhance the current mobile-phone-data derived passenger diaries.

ETH presented the modelling frameworks that will be used to model the case studies: MATSim and J-TAP. This motivated a discussion on what can be modelled and how it can be modelled, and helped to guide the project’s ways forward.

The whole TRANSIT team thanks SESAR JU for the occasion to share the project achievements!

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