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TRANSIT Final Dissemination Event

The projects TRANSIT and IMHOTEP celebrated a joint event to share both project’s main results and achievements

The TRANSIT Final Dissemination Event, entitled “Passenger-centric planning and management of multimodal transport networks”, took place at EUROCONTROL Headquarters in Brussels on Friday 25 November 2022. The event was held jointly with the IMHOTEP project, since both SESAR Exploratory Research projects have investigated the potential of multimodal coordination mechanisms based on information sharing and common situational awareness across transport modes.

The event included three technical sessions aimed at presenting the main results from both projects and clarifying questions from the audience. After a short presentation from Ricardo Herranz (Nommon’s CEO and TRANSIT project coordinator), Javier Burrieza (Nommon) explained how new big data sources are being used for the analysis of multimodal travel. Then, Jerónimo Bueno (Nommon), and Geoffrey Scozzaro (ENAC) presented the TRANSIT simulation framework and the evaluation of two intermodal solutions: strategic timetable synchronisation and tactical disruption management. After the lunch break, the event moved on to the specifics of the IMHOTEP project. Edgar Jiménez and Henrik Rothe (Cranfield University), Juan Blasco (Nommon), Marcel Sala (Aimsun), and Miguel Mújica (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences) led the presentation “Towards common situational awareness and collaborative decision-making across transport modes”, where they presented the IMHOTEP concept of operations for the extension of A-CDM to ground transport modes and the case studies developed throughout the project with the Palma de Mallorca and London City airports.

The day concluded with a round table to discuss the role of airports in the future European multimodal transport system. The panellists were Elke Bossaert (Brussels Airport), Markus Brachner (SINTEF), Sergi Alegre (Airport Regions Council), and Luis Willumsen (Nommon). The panellists highlighted the relevance of the research conducted by both projects and the need to take these developments to higher maturity levels, both by implementing demonstration projects and by investigating the governance aspects related to multimodal solutions.

Thank you very much to all who joined us in Brussels for this Final Dissemination Event. Thank you to the SESAR Joint Undertaking for their support and the valuable feedback and inputs to move these projects forward. And special thank you to all consortium partners for their great team work!


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