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TRANSIT 1st Stakeholder Workshop

On November 11, 2020, the members of the TRANSIT consortium organised the first stakeholder workshop to present the case studies that the project team intends to model during the next phase of the project to the External Expert Advisory Board. The online gathering also served to analyse the key performance indicators that will be used to measure the impact of the proposed solutions and to collect feedback from the participants.

The workshop began with a general presentation of the TRANSIT project and the work that has been done so far. Later on, the assistants participated in an exercise to analyse the selected case studies. Some of the aspects discussed were:

  • Can the proposed case study be modelled? How can it be modelled?

  • What data sources could be used to model the case studies?

  • Is the proposed case study current and convenient?

  • Has the case study been considered before? If it has been considered, what were the pros and cons of the case study?

The whole TRANSIT team thanks all participants for their feedback and their valuable contributions.


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